Career Transition:

Cut Backs, Job Change,
Reduced Role? This could be
an Opportunity. Here's How...

Career Transition Plans
and Coaching for
Senior Executives

You've been Blindsided
with a "Package."
Here's your Next Move...

Career Transition:

More and more, we see very experienced, highly successful executives get blindsided when they suddenly find that their job has substantially changed or has been eliminated. Mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, severe business setbacks and early retirement packages. We've helped senior executives and CEOs through every phase of career transition.

While certainly shocking at first, transitions often lead to better opportunities and personal growth. Many executives find that a career transition helped them be more introspective and they gained new insights and perspectives that made them even better leaders in their subsequent roles.

Working with a career transition coach, executives are taken through an assessment process that weighs skills, values, desires and lifestyle objectives. Naturally, financial considerations are part of this process, but surprisingly, finances are not always at the top of the list of priorities. At this stage, other objectives often take precedence, especially if the employer has provided a reasonable transition package.

Every case is different. Our Career Transition coaching is custom tailored to the unique needs, aspirations and objectives of each client. Together, we will develop a detailed transition plan, outlining a series of potential opportunities and related strategies. This may include interview preparation or even assistance with ghost writing position papers for CEOs interviewing with Boards. In addition, we prepare executives with mock interviews, resume reviews and introductions to our extensive network of CEOs and senior business leaders.

While we typically work with CEOs and senior executives, we have also worked with entire teams. In either case, these are very personal, customized plans based on a confidential relationship with a professional who is highly experienced in career development and transition coaching.

If you are in a career transition or expect to soon be, let's have a conversation about your next moves.

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    "ExecuBridge’s individually-focused one on one training and coaching has helped my managers grow their skill sets quickly and prepare them for the next level."

    "ExecuBridge took our executives to new heights and allowed our people to focus on highly sensitive issues, including needed behavioral adjustments and skill deficits. Had these issues been broached through the standard protocol, the working relationships would have been irreparably damaged. ExecuBridge protected vital working relationships, made our personnel more important and valuable to the organization and positioned them for additional responsibilities."