Speaking & Keynotes:

Insights and Perspectives
that Drive Executives
to Take Action

Ideas that Embolden
Executives to Strive
for Better Results

Energize Your Team,
Stir Their Imagination,
Improve Execution

Speaking and Keynotes:

Keynote speeches delivered by John Callos consistently receive the highest reviews from business audiences. His speeches are known to move individuals, teams and entire companies to take bold action and make productive changes in their approach to prioritization, focus and leadership.

John transfers his high energy into delivering keynote presentations that stir audiences. He draws from decades of professional experiences working with thousands of executives worldwide, to bring fresh ideas with universal appeal.

John digs deep into the lessons learned from his remarkable athletic endeavors where he competed in some of the world's toughest tests of human endurance. His stories of planning, preparation, resilience and tenacity resonate deeply with audiences eager to tackle their own difficult objectives in their professional and personal lives.

Event Planners and executive management comment at the amount and depth of research John undertakes in the preparation of every keynote. This is a reflection of his commitment to offer ideas and perspectives that are uniquely-relevant to each audience while ensuring that the event's overall message is reinforced through his speech.

Attendees comment on the high-energy delivery packed with insights, perspective and ideas that inspire executives to quickly take action and drive toward better results. No one leaves the speech without first completing our “Top Take-Aways Action Plan” that records and prioritizes the commitments of each participant to implement the most compelling ideas they learned from the presentation.

Whether a keynote speech, facilitating an annual strategy meeting or conducting an offsite workshop, we are recognized for our ability to build teamwork, drive execution and to improve business results.

Let's have a conversation about your upcoming event and how a custom speech from John Callos can energize and inspire your team to be their best and improve their performance.

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    "Working with ExecuBridge has been a great experience. It has provided me with the tools to make me a better manager in running all facets of my business and my career. Their approach is individualized, customized and straightforward; my association with them has been invaluable."

    "ExecuBridge has consistently delivered focused, insightful counsel that has had a direct and measurable impact on the growth of our companies."

    "If you’re looking to improve your executive ranks or need personal executive coaching, there’s none better that ExecuBridge. Not only will you see the difference, but others will point out the changes as well."

    "ExecuBridge has given me keen insights that have enabled me to think more strategically, communicate more effectively, and work more efficiently. In summary, their involvement with our company has taken me to a higher level."

    "I have found John Callos and ExecuBridge to be a valuable resource in enhancing the skills of our management team. Their coaching is results oriented and delivered with a high quality of energy. John does not offer a "quick fix" to issues, but instead creates a disciplined approach that will ensure success long after the engagement has ended."

    "ExecuBridge’s individually-focused one on one training and coaching has helped my managers grow their skill sets quickly and prepare them for the next level."

    "ExecuBridge took our executives to new heights and allowed our people to focus on highly sensitive issues, including needed behavioral adjustments and skill deficits. Had these issues been broached through the standard protocol, the working relationships would have been irreparably damaged. ExecuBridge protected vital working relationships, made our personnel more important and valuable to the organization and positioned them for additional responsibilities."