Executive Coaching:

Preparing Executives
for Expanded
Leadership Roles

Enhancing the Leadership
Impact and Business
Results of Executives

A Structured Approach to
Predictably Improve
Executive Performance

Executive Coaching:

Executive Coaching is designed to improve the productivity, leadership impact and performance of executives. Coaching is also used to prepare a high potential executive for advanced leadership roles within their organization.

Clients receive candid feedback from our interviews, surveys and personal field observations. We may also silently monitor their role in leading a meeting or managing an important initiative, reserving our comments for the private coaching session. Objectives and timelines are developed in the most promising areas for development. Clients are encouraged to modify their approach, behavior and daily activities in order to achieve results that can be easily measured and readily observed by others. Common program themes include:

  • Improving relationship dynamics with executive peers and managing-up
  • Time management, executive effectiveness and organization
  • Productively coaching and developing subordinates
  • Communication style, presentation skills and public speaking
  • Holding subordinates accountable for execution and results
  • Providing clear direction & alignment; working across teams & silos
  • Creating a positive, winning environment
  • Executive deportment and boardroom style

  • Let's have a conversation about how a confidential relationship and a trusted, independent sounding board can increase the results of your executive team.

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    "Working with ExecuBridge has been a great experience. It has provided me with the tools to make me a better manager in running all facets of my business and my career. Their approach is individualized, customized and straightforward; my association with them has been invaluable."

    "ExecuBridge has consistently delivered focused, insightful counsel that has had a direct and measurable impact on the growth of our companies."

    "If you’re looking to improve your executive ranks or need personal executive coaching, there’s none better that ExecuBridge. Not only will you see the difference, but others will point out the changes as well."

    "ExecuBridge has given me keen insights that have enabled me to think more strategically, communicate more effectively, and work more efficiently. In summary, their involvement with our company has taken me to a higher level."

    "I have found John Callos and ExecuBridge to be a valuable resource in enhancing the skills of our management team. Their coaching is results oriented and delivered with a high quality of energy. John does not offer a "quick fix" to issues, but instead creates a disciplined approach that will ensure success long after the engagement has ended."

    "ExecuBridge’s individually-focused one on one training and coaching has helped my managers grow their skill sets quickly and prepare them for the next level."

    "ExecuBridge took our executives to new heights and allowed our people to focus on highly sensitive issues, including needed behavioral adjustments and skill deficits. Had these issues been broached through the standard protocol, the working relationships would have been irreparably damaged. ExecuBridge protected vital working relationships, made our personnel more important and valuable to the organization and positioned them for additional responsibilities."